Lot Clearing + Prep

Take advantage of our land clearing and preparation services to help you set a strong and reliable foundation for your construction and landscaping needs.

  • Lot Clearing: Our lot clearing services efficiently prepare land for construction, landscaping, or conservation purposes.
  • Excavating: Got a big dig? Our team handles excavations with care, making sure everything’s set just right for your project’s success.
  • Back Hoe Work: Utilizing versatile backhoes, we undertake a variety of tasks from digging to trenching.
  • Bulkhead Back-filling: Ensure the stability and durability of your waterfront structures with our bulkhead back-filling services.
  • Foundation Pads: We construct high-quality foundation pads, vital for the stability and longevity of any structure.
  • Demolition: Our experienced team efficiently handles demolition projects of any size, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations.
  • Tree Removal: We provide professional and safe tree removal services, essential for site preparation.


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  • Docks and Piers
  • Sea Walls
  • Boat Lifts
  • Pile Driving
  • Boat Houses
  • Lot Clearing
  • Excavating & Backhoe Work
  • Bulkhead Back-filling
  • Foundation Pads
  • Demolition
  • Tree Removal
  • Rock Hauling
  • Dirt Hauling
  • Sand Hauling
  • Gravel Hauling
  • Septic Tank Installation (Individual)
  • Mound Installation